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Thread: Dishwasher Still Not Heating

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    Dishwasher Still Not Heating

    Model Number: kdfe104dss1
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: 1-5 years

    On my Kitchenaid kdfe104dss, I ordered a Heating Element Kit and a High Limit Thermostat from Parts Dr and I installed them but this did not fix the problem. The dishwasher still does not dry dishes and the heating element remains cold to the touch throughout the cycle. The old parts passed a continuity test, but I decided to just keep the new parts in the unit.

    I do run hot water in the faucet before starting the cycle but the dishwasher is still not drying well or heating. The unit used to heat up but now no heat at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or guidance on what to try next?


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    Do you have the tech sheet?
    I cannot find it so can only give general info.

    Check the heater circuit at the control board with a meter.
    This will ensure that the heater, thermostat and wiring are OK.
    If this is good then odds are that the control board is bad.

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