Model Number: PDW928N00SS
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years

I ordered and received an WD21x10370 from Parts Dr. mfg date 1/6/2019). The corrugated box is labelled WD21x10370 but the pin configurations is not the same. The new module is labelled 165D7305G004 and GEA663D. The old module is labelled 165D7881G003 and GEA6681. The photo on their website shows its a GEA6661 for a WD21x10370. One of the old wiring harness is 11 pin but there is none on the new module, and there is not connector for the old 2 wire harness(white/green & red). Is this new unit compatible? I did not want to hook it up to void the warranty. I would appreciate the help.