Model Number: 110.73932102
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years

Hello All!

First post here. I could use some help with my dryer situation.

I purchased this dryer a while back (used) and recently connected it up. It seemed to work properly (tub turned, igniter lit up, gas started and ignited) but afterwards I started smelling gas. I checked the lines and fittings going to the dryer but didn't find anything. I then discovered that the gas valve was leaking gas at the outlet orifice (btw, this dryer was converted to propane).

I read about checking the solenoids (continuity) and I get infinite across the 2-prong solenoid and 550 across the 3-prong solenoid on the 2 outer prongs and infinite across the outer and middle prongs. I read I should get about 1300 ohms on all (course I'm not sure exactly which prongs on the 3-prong solenoid you are supposed to check).

My questions are: 1) Does it appear these solenoids are bad? 2) If they are bad, why does the dryer heat up properly? 3) Can bad solenoids cause a gas valve to stay open and leak gas?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.