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Thread: Kenmore HE4t front load washer will not spin and flashes F-06 code

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    Kenmore HE4t front load washer will not spin and flashes F-06 code

    Model Number: 11045088400
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years

    My Kenmore starts it's wash but when it come time to drain and skin, it stops and flashes code F-06. I tried troubleshooting the problem but didn't have any luck, so I called in a serviceman to check the machine and his diagnosis was that the inner and outer bearings and seal were bad. After the serviceman told me that it would cost $1100 to fix it, which also included replacement of the outer tub, I researched and found that the bearings and seal could actually be replaced, which is what I did along with a new inner tub. Well, after a few days the washer started flashing the same code (F-06), but would complete the wash if I removed some of the load and manually force the inner tub to rotate.

    Last night while trying to get a load to wash, the machine started flashing the code again. So, I went back to the routine of getting the load to complete but this time I remove the back cover because I suspected the motor was freezing somehow. I removed the belt and rotated the pulley on the backside of the inner tub and it turned freely. Next, I attempted to rotate the motor but it gave some resistance and sounded as if the brushings were bad. So, is there some way to test the motor? The motor is riveted together so I'm not sure if I should remove the rivets to check the brushing or rather are not the brushings are replaceable.

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    As far as I know the bearings in the motor are not replaceable, at least I cannot find a part number for them.
    So you may have to replace the motor.

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    denman, thanks for the reply but do you think that does the problem I'm experiencing sounds as if it's the motor?

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    Yes it does sound like a motor problem.

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    OK, thanks for letting me know your thoughts!

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