Model Number:
Brand: Brand
Age: Less than 1 year

Model Number: DV56H9100EG
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years


My Samsung dryer is a little over 4 years old (bought Nov., 2014). A few months ago it started having problems with the heating, but not quite like others I've read about on these boards. Unfortunately, we have a fusebox with the old socket fuses instead of circuit breakers, so I've gone through a lot of 30AMP fuses trying to figure this out.

Anyways, it started blowing fuses on the heating side. The power/motor fuse doesn't seem to be affected. I have found that we can still use it, but the Eco dry setting seems to be the only one that doesn't blow a fuse. For the most part, that's OK, as it still gets stuff dry, though sometimes has to be run more than once, and if I want to do something like wet boots on the rack, forget about it, since that needs to be done on a timed dry or other setting. Prior to this it worked perfectly for 4 years.