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Thread: Oven doesn't work

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    Oven doesn't work

    Model Number: GE XL44
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hello all.

    New to this forum.
    Never posted before.
    GE-XL44 Oven.
    Model JGBP28TED2WW.
    All 4 ranges on top work.
    Broiler works.
    Oven doesn’t work.

    All the research I’ve done tells me the “Igniter” is defective.


    How could the igniter be defective and the broiler still work?

    Are the 2 igniters?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Yes there are two igniters

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    Thank you denman,

    Can you please tell me where the second igniter is located?

    I have the oven apart and can only see one igniter.

    Again thank you.

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    The following may help

    Near the end of the document.

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    Thank you denman.
    Found second igniter.
    For now swapping the "Broil Igniter" with the "Bake Igniter.
    Both are the same igniters with the same part number.
    Don't do much broiling anyway.
    Much more important to have the oven baking.

    Again thank you.

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    I am not sure that this will work.

    Many units but not all, switch back and forth between the bake and broil elements in the bake mode.
    This provides a more even temperature profile inside the oven.

    I could not find a description of exactly how this oven works so if you try to bake a cake etc. and it does not cook correctly then the odds are high that this is how this unit works.

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    Understand what you are saying my friend.
    Thank you.
    Baked a meatloaf and it came out perfect.

    We adapt.
    We improvise.
    We overcome.
    No surrender
    No defeat.
    Failure is never an option.


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