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Thread: Control board question on Frigidaire Oven

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    Control board question on Frigidaire Oven

    Model Number: lgef3045kfk
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    Ok so my control board burnt out. I know I can buy the control board. But what about the white connector? If you look at the pic I circled it in yellow. I cant seem to find just the connector. I would rather not have to buy the while wiring harness for it.

    Also side question, would power surges or brown outs cause this to happen? Scratching my head on it. I would hate to but all the parts to have this happen again.

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    I doubt surges and brown outs would cause this.

    It was probably a bad connection from day one.
    It could have been the connector ar a bad solder joint on the board.
    Bad connections look like a resistance to electricity so they heat up when current flows through them.
    This further degrades the connection causing more heat and so on and so on till the connection fails.

    I do not know where you could get a new plastic connector as it is not available from the manufacturer (complete harness only)
    You could remove the connector from the housing and then connect it to the board.
    You will have to clean or replace the connector itself.
    Also it has to fit tightly onto the board connector.

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