Model Number:
Brand: Maytag
Age: 1-5 years

I will try and keep this post short. Machine stopped agitating and made a loud noise on spin cycle. Called repairman who said sounds like the bearings and I need a new machine but my hubby still wanted him to come out and diagnose. He came out and said the actuator was stuck and needed to be replaced and that was causing all the problems. He replace and I saw the actuator spin (with no clothes in it) so I thought it was fixed.. Put on a load of clothes; actuator not spinning again and bad grinding noise under machine. Repairman came back and said my belt is shredded, transmission is going bad and of course the bearings are bad. He stated that he would advise that I not put any more money into the washer (he charged $189 to replace the actuator) and get another washer. I asked him why he couldnít tell me the bearing were bad and it needed to be replaced when he first came; like he told me over the phone. I was told that he didnít look at the motor and thought it was the actuator. How could he tell over the phone that it was the bearings but couldnít tell when he got to my house? Was I scammed? Feels like it!!