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Thread: Samsung Icemaker failure after water stoppage

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    Question Samsung Icemaker failure after water stoppage

    Model Number: RF4287HARS/XAA01
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Our Samsung refrigerator ice maker stopped working after I shut off the house water supply to make a plumbing repair.

    I bled out the water from the water dispenser after the water was turned back on, and also tried resetting the ice maker, as well as power cycling the fridge.

    I watched and read about testing the continuity of the water inlet valve, and both valves seemed to have continuity (no range of acceptable ohm readings was mentioned).

    Our house water pressure is ok. Water is soft. Unit has had days to cool down, and freezer temp is set at -2 F.

    Not sure what to do next, love any suggestions on troubleshooting and a repair next steps. Thanks !!

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    The most common problem with an ice maker is that it doesnít make ice. Other problems include an ice maker that wonít stop making ice or freezes up. Here we begin with the most common problemóthe ice maker stops making ice.

    If your ice maker isnít making ice:

    Make sure the bail wire above the ice tray is in the down position. When itís up, it shuts off the ice maker.
    Check the water supply line beneath or behind the refrigerator. Be sure it isnít kinked and is supplying water.
    Be sure the little fill tube that fills the ice tray isnít frozen. If it is, melt the icy tube with a hair dryer.
    Look for ice in the ice mold and make sure the motor that turns the ice ejection arm is working.
    Check the tap valve that connects the supply tube to the water pipe.
    Check the solenoid. For more detail about this and all of the above steps, see below.

    I think this could help you!!

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    PROBLEM SOLVED - ICEMAKER WORKS after replacement

    I don't know why people like Andrew08 reply with such generic information, other than he apparently wanted me to click on link he provided, which I didn't follow for obvious reasons.

    Due to no useful feedback I first replaced the water inlet control valve. After this was replaced and the water system bled, the ice maker continued to not make ice. At this point I tried "resetting" the ice maker, but it would no longer "chime" when the reset button was pressed.

    I then ordered and installed a new ice maker - and after letting it cool down, I pressed the reset button and waited - several hours later I had ice !! The maker is continuing to put out ice now.

    A noise we were getting from the ice maker before this fiasco was a thumping or "heartbeat" coming from the old icemaker - the thumping is now gone, though the new ice maker does seem to make other noises I was not familiar with before the failure.

    So it seems the failure of the ice maker may have been coincidental to the water shutoff and having nothing substantial to do with the water being secured temporarily. I may have unnecessarily replaced the water inlet control valve....I guess this is the cost of doing your own repairs vs hiring a repair technician. But since they (repair technician visits) are so expensive, loosing $100 on the water inlet control valve is not too high a price to pay in my opinion. Samsung was worthless with advice, other than to try and arrange a repair technician visit. I am never going Samsung again !!

    One useful guide was when I went to order the ice maker, a review by a previous purchaser of the same part on had made comments that also indicated they had the icemaker making thumping / heartbeat like sounds prior to their ice maker failure on the same refrigerator. So others may want to look at reviews on the parts they are considering ordering, since those are the people who have a very similar product and possibly similar symptoms.

    A youtube video of a tech replacing the ice maker on this refrigerator model was quite helpful - rather easy actually on this mode.

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