Model Number: PFSS6PKW
Brand: GE
Age: 1-5 years

Recently found your site and ordered the replacement combo package for the ice maker/mother board (Part #DA 81-0142A) and installed both this afternoon. Unfortunately, I appear to have a glitch in something as the refrigerator light does not come on after installation of the new board. Made absolutely sure all connections were tight and properly done, but still no light in the upper refrigerator portion, though all other functions appear to be working on both the reefer/freezer. I proceeded to disconnet power, removed the newly arrived and installed motherboard and replaced it with the original mother board from the factory. The reefer light comes on and works perfectly.

The only difference between the two boards appears to be an added blue 6-pin connector (labeled as Gate Way on the board) in the lower left hand side as installed. There is no corresponding female pin connector available to plug into this new blue connector.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.