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Thread: Samsung dryer, no heat,tried what other threads said

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    Samsung dryer, no heat,tried what other threads said

    Model Number: DV5451AEW/XAA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    Iíve read the many threads here and thanks for the advice. My dryer stopped heating so I switched out the heating element, thermistor and hi cutoff. It worked for two loads perfectly and on the third load no heat again. I tested all three things on the heating element with a multimeter and they seem to pass the continuity test and the ohms test so I doubt the fuse blew. I test 240 volts at the terminal end plate so power doesnít seem to be an issue. I even got to the centrifugal motor switch and it appeared everything was intact and making contact. Iím not sure where to go from here. Anything I may be missing?
    I realize it may be time to call in a professional. Thanks for any advice.

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    I do not have a wiring diagram for this unit so cannot give you test points, hopefully you have it.

    Measure across the heater relay contacts at the control board.
    In an air only mode there should be 240 volts.
    In a heating mode there should be 0 volts.

    Could be that the relay contacts are not closing for some reason.

    Also check the thermistor resistance.

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