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Thread: Maytag Dryer on sensor cycles stops drying before clothes are dry

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    Maytag Dryer on sensor cycles stops drying before clothes are dry

    Model Number: MEDB835DW1
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 1-5 years

    My Maytag dryer model MEDB835DW1 is 3 years old and stops drying when on sensor cycles before clothes are completely dry. When I use a simple timer setting, clothes dry fine. Everything I've read eludes to the Sensor's/electrodes or the thermostat. Other forums advise to clean the sensors, which I have done even though there didn't appear to be any dryer sheet residue on the sensors. Am testing that now. Any advise on what might be the issue before I buy parts? Thanks!

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    Below is a link to a post on another site which has a tech sheet for this unit, just in case you do not have it.
    It has some moisture sensor tests on page 21.

    Dirty sensor bars will cause the dryer to run too long not too short.
    I will try to explain how they work.
    A voltage (low current) is applied across the bars.
    When the clothes are wet, moisture between the bars creates a circuit path and a small current flows.
    The control board senses this a stops the timer from advancing.
    When the clothes are dry there is no circuit path between the bars and the timer advances to the end of the cycle.

    Could be that one of the wires/connector has come off the sensor bar so the unit thinks that the clothes are dry.

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    Thanks for the response. Will check it out.

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