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Thread: Amana Dryer No Heat on Automatic (Dryer-Less Dry) Setting

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    Amana Dryer No Heat on Automatic (Dryer-Less Dry) Setting

    Model Number: NED5100TQ1
    Brand: Brand
    Age: 6-10 years

    Dryer works on all settings except More Dry to Less Dry Automatic Setting. When set to that there is no heat. Was told by a shop here that it could be the moisture sensor or the logic board or loose/broken connection. Should I gamble that it is the moisture sensor and replace, given that this part is not returnable? or what do others recommend?

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    Attached is a wiring diagram.

    This unit does not use a moisture sensor.
    It slows down the cycle by only advancing the timer when the heater is on.
    More dry /less dry involves a heater on the cycling thermostat.

    Problem is most likely the timer.

    Set the timer to where there is no heat problem,
    Unplug the unit.
    Measure across A to B on the timer, should be 0 ohms.

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