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Thread: Jenn Air F2/E1 stuck key error

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    Jenn Air F2/E1 stuck key error

    Model Number: JJW2430DS00
    Brand: Jenn-Air
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have a JENN AIR in wall oven JJW2430DS00 that is giving an F2/E1 error code. I have determined it is coming from the left touchpad area. Is there any other option than an $800.00 touch pad assy? Oven is currently not usable due to error.

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    Sorry but I cannot be much help here as I cannot find any tech data on this unit.

    Have you tried removing power from the unit to see if it will reset?

    Looking at the parts it looks like the keyboard is the touch sensitive type.
    These are a pain in the you know what when they are use in locations where steam and grease can contaminate them.
    I would remove the keyboard and give it a good cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, just be sure that the alcohol has all evaporated off befor reinstalling.
    Also clean/check the connectors between the control board and keyboard.
    Also check/clean any connections to the frame/ground.

    Replacing the keyboard is always a gamble unless the keys can be checked with a meter and you would need tech info to do this.
    If it is a touchpad then checking it is not possible.
    So it is the most likely cause but it could also be a control board problem.

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