Model Number: DV42H5000EW
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years

I've read many excellent answer on here and tried them all but nothing has worked.

problem is it overheats. various things happen

  • Thermal fuse blows
  • Heating element gets hot and sags and touches the casing
  • error HE appears and it shuts off until it cools down. restarting it , it works for a while , then the same thing

I have replaced
  • the thermal fuse several times,
  • the high level thermostat
  • the heating element
  • The thermistor
  • the control board

None of this has solved the problem. I thought the control board had done it, but it lasted about a day and blew the thermal fuse again.

I'm out of ideas. I can't see anything wrong with the house electrics and the vent is totaly clear and not very long.

Anyone have any suggestions?