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Thread: Samsung DW does not drain

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    Samsung DW does not drain

    Model Number: DW80K7050UG
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Dishwasher cycle seems to run but does not completely drain. Motor (pump) seems to hum like it is working but water isn't pumped out of the tub. When I cancel the cycle, sometimes I hear a weak stream in the drain but water is still left in the bottom

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    Below is a link to a service manual for this unit, You may have to join the site to download it.

    First check/clean and screens/filters in the unit.
    If OK then undo the drain line where it connects to the house plumbing and let it drain into a pail.
    Be sure to old the drain line when doing this , also a good idea to put a towel/rag over the pail to ensure that it does not splash all over.
    This will check that it is not a house plumbing problem.
    A common place for it to plug is where the drain line connects to the house plumbing.

    If the above bring no joy then it is probably a bad drain pump but take the unit apart just to check that there is not a partial plug somewhere in the drain.

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