Model Number: SE9900
Brand: Maytag
Age: More than 10 years

Maytag Dryer over and under combo model SE9900
Original dryer motor 3-6055-1 model S58NXJAJ-5118
Replacement W10411000 ordered
Actual received P/N W10410893 model S58SVJAJ-7127
The original motor terminal block has 4 coloured wires, Blue, Black - switch on the 220v heater when motor runs. Red, Gray power the motor with 110V.
Various similar internet instructions suggest to the new terminal block
Red -> 5
Gray-> 4
Black-> 2
Blue -> 1
and Yellow (which I don't have) -> 6 ????
Can I ignore wiring to 6 or does it need a jumper. I don't know it's function.
And can the other connections be confirmed.
Whirlpool Canada will only give out the (re)wiring info to certified Whirlpool technicians, and no instructions were included in the new box.
Thanks for any help you can give.