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Thread: Frigidaire fwsb5700ds0 spins slowly

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    Frigidaire fwsb5700ds0 spins slowly

    Model Number: FWSB5700DS0
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: More than 10 years

    I have a Frigidaire fwsb5700ds0 that is no longer spinning the water out of clothes (it agitates just fine). The basket spins freely by hand in the right direction and locks in the other, but then will slow down. I have replaced the capacitor and the belt, but that did not fix the issue. When watching the transmission on the spin cycle, it appears there are two shafts, an inner that connects to the pulley (I'm assuming for the agitator), and an outer for the basket (picture attached). Spinning the transmission pulley manually does activate the agitator, but it barely catches and moves the transmission and basket, if at all. I can see the inner shaft spinning at full speed, but the outer shaft barely moves during the spin cycle, making one revolution about every two seconds. I'm pretty confident this means the transmission is shot, and I cannot find a rebuild kit for it. My question is, before I go spending a bunch on a new gearbox, could I weld the outer shaft to the inner to help it catch and spin, even if only as a temporary fix?

    Thank you
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    Please disregard

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