Model Number: DPXQ473GT
Brand: GE
Age: More than 10 years

My GE gas dryer works perfectly fine. However, this afternoon, I noticed the sheet metal making a buzzing, vibrating sound. I could push on the top, on the door, etc. and make the sound stop. Now, this is with THE DRYER OFF. I could make it stop, then walk around in front of it and make the noise start again. Then I could stop it by pushing here and there on the sheet metal. I wiggled the gas pipe coming in, and that had no effect. I threw a blanket in and ran it for a few minutes and it heated right up and worked fine. After that the noise has stopped. Something had to be initiating the sheet metal to buzz. Nothing else in the house or nearby was running. Is it possible for the gas valve coils to somehow get energized even though the dryer is off? I'm at a loss on this.