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Thread: Microwave turntable not turn smoothly

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    Microwave turntable not turn smoothly

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    I have an older above the range Amana microwave oven. It was manufactured in January of 2000. Recently the turntable started acting up. It would not rotate smoothly. I felt it was the turntable motor. I ordered a replacement motor and replaced it myself. The turntable does not turn any better with the new motor. Could the new motor be bad? Could there be another issue with the microwave? Please help!

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    If the turntable is the type that rides on plastic wheels check that they all turn easily.

    Yes it could be a bad replacement motor.

    The below assumes that this is a 120 volt AC motor.
    You could pull the motor and hook it up to a line cord outside the unit.
    Then plug the line cord in to see if the motor runs smoothly.
    Also if the motor drives a gear box and then the turntable it could be a gear box issue.

    Also if you have a meter you could check that the motor gets 120 volts when running.
    If not then it probably a bad control board or connection.

    A model number would be helpful though finding info on it would be hit anf miss.

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