Model Number: GLWN5250D0WW
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years

GE GLWN5250D0WW washer. History: Would go into drain part of cycle and not drain thoroughly. But only sometimes. Other times, worked find. Checked hoses, pump for blockages. Pump sometimes makes noise but nothing happens. Took washer apart in order to check this and to install new lid. Maybe I damaged the Lid Switch? I can't see how. But . . . . It also won't fill if it is on the Precision fill setting (the automatic setting, rather than you setting it to Small, Med, etc.).

Now, did a load of laundry and it washes the clothes seems to not spin. I don't know if it even goes to Rinse or not. If I put on the Drain and Spin setting, it does absolutely nothing.

What could be wrong? BTW, when had a problem with it quite a few years back, repairman said control board no longer manufactured (not true, I can find online) and put a different control board in it. It worked pretty well, with occasional issues.