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Thread: Maytag Dishwasher Control Panel

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    Maytag Dishwasher Control Panel

    Model Number: MDB7749SBB3
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 6-10 years

    Having trouble turning on washer on. When it turns on itís on different cycles and it may run for hours if you donít watch it. Came to kitchen one morning and it was running without me turning it on. Is it the panel or something else?

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    Sounds more like a control board problem .

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    Also noticed that when you do press the buttons they won’t light up. I can press the start button about 20 times before it finally turns on. Switch on wall stays off until we decide to use it. When you turn the switch on all the lights may turn. Pressed the rinse only button several times to reset it. Worked a few times, now it’s really hard to make any cycle to stay on.

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    Do you have the tech sheet.
    Often it is stored behind the kick plate.

    It would at least let yo check for error codes.

    I cannot tell what type of keyboard this unit has.
    Capacitive (touch) keyboards can cause all sorts of problems.
    Bubble type keypad are easier to troubleshoot and if yours is this type then I would still lean towards a bad control board.

    It may be worth while opening the door up and cleaning/re-seating the keyboard plug/s at the control board.

    FYI: it is not a good idea to use a wall switch to continually turn power on/off to a dishwasher. Appliance manufactures are usually not great at designing power supplies and a voltage spike from a switch can get through the electronics and cause problems re: blown transistors etc.

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