Model Number: MDB8959AWS6
Brand: Maytag
Age: 1-5 years

Hi, I have a question hope you can help. My dishwasher Maytag MDB8959AWS6 , when I try to start it I select a cycle and hit the start button the light goes solid I shut the door and then it starts flashing, I would persistently open the door and push the start button until the machine would start. Took a while but did. I thought maybe it was a door latch problem but when I replaced that the washer worked one time fine, and a second time it stopped working at the what I think draining and dry cycle. and now doing the same thing. I emptied what water was left in the tub. I did a diagnostic test by hitting the heat dry/normal/heat dry/normal and all lights came on hit start nothing else happen. I also did a test by disconnecting the ribbon cable on the control board, and no noise came from washer when I did that test. What could be causing this?