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Thread: Very Old Kenmore Dryer

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    Very Old Kenmore Dryer

    Model Number: 1106718900
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years

    Recently had to replace the belt on my 50+ year old Kenmore Dryer. While I was inside the machine decided to replace the idler wheel too. The new idler is larger in diameter and narrower than the original and hits on the outside of the drum in spots as the drum rotates. Took new idler wheel off & put the old one back on which solved the problem because there is more clearance between drum and wheel. QUESTION: Is the old style available? Need a spare because my original will not last forever.
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    I do not know what idler wheel you used.
    I could not find one that said it was compatible with this unit.

    Looks like you need to get the idler assembly. The below shows that it is compatible with your unit.

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    Thanks for your reply. Actually, I did replace the entire idler wheel assembly with spring bracket new wheelEXACTLY like the one you referenced. This seems to be the standard replacement for ALL Kenmore & Whirlpool dryers up to recent models. Because my dryer is so old (Marion, Ohio 1967) , I'm guessing that its original idler wheel (and assembly) were of a specific design that was changed later. The wheel is definitely smaller in diameter and a bit narrower than the one currently being sold as a replacement. Also, it is black in color. Think it's probably OK to use the currently available type but the "clunking" as it hits the barrel is a bit annoying and it will probably wear out faster due to the constant contact with the barrel. Thanks again.

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