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Thread: Ice maker dripping water into ice bin - Please Help!

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    Unhappy Ice maker dripping water into ice bin - Please Help!

    Model Number:
    Brand: Brand
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Model Number:
    Brand: Brand
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Model Number: GFSS6KKYCSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have a GE GFSS6KKYCSS Refrigerator (French door w/ freezer on bottom / ice & water in door). It has started dripping water from the ice maker into the ice bin. This, of course, freezes the ice cube bin into a solid block and renders the ice dispenser useless.

    I have swapped out the solenoid valve, so a leaking valve is not the issue. That would have been too easy!

    Upon further investigation, I find the ice maker not so much over-filling (and running over), but I find water on the top of the ice maker - the "ceiling" piece of the ice maker - the plastic directly over the cube freezing tray. This water seems to run off the edge and make its way into the bin below. I'm not sure how water seems to defy gravity and get there. The ice maker appears to unload ice from the tray by turning on a heating element under the metal tray, and then an arm with a finger for each cube rotates to push the cube out. The cubes must roll up and slide against the "ceiling" before falling into the bin below.

    So with these mechanics in mind, I have two theories:

    #1 - The cubes (at times) don't freeze entirely and the water on the "ceiling" is from partly frozen cubes dripping. But I don't see voids in the cubes in the ice bin. Cause could be a timer issue (ice maker problem I believe), or an issue of not enough cold air.

    #2 - The heater that turns on to loosen the cubes from the tray is too hot or on for too long. Therefore cubes come out too wet and deposit water on the "ceiling". This would again be an ice maker problem I believe.

    By the way, items in the back of the refrigerator do freeze up from time to time. That's happened well before the ice maker issue started. We've just lived with this problem.

    I have searched the forums and elsewhere but have not found any solution. Thank you for reading and any support you can provide. I have no problem with replacing parts, but don't want to replace the ice maker and find that's not the cause.

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    Have I stumped everyone? No ideas?

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