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Thread: Samsung Dryer HE code-- have replaced almost everything.

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    Samsung Dryer HE code-- have replaced almost everything.

    Model Number: dv210aew/xaa
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years


    So I received the HE code last week. Dryer was over heating on what seemed like all modes. Instead of messing around, I simply ordered and replaced the following:

    DC47-00019A Heating Element
    DC47-00018A Thermostat
    DC96-00887A Thermal Fuse
    DC47-00016A Thermostat
    DC32-00007A Thermistor

    I fired it up last night, it ran for 20 minutes and shot me the HE error again. The vent is not clogged at all. I cleaned everything out while I was working on the dryer. From my reading, I can only assume the only thing left it could be is the main control board. Before I order this, can someone help me verify this is what it could be? I saw some mentions of the Heating Element Assembly, but everything was replaced on/in that.

    Any advise would be great. Thanks!

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    First do you have the tech sheet/wiring diagram?

    Unplug the unit.
    Unplug one wire from Relay 6 (either black or blue)
    Measure across the relay contacts.
    Should be infinite ohms.
    If 0 ohms or a low ohms reading then the relay contacts are welded together.

    Note that the above does not tell you that the relay is good as the contacts may be sticking closed every once in a while.
    But it does tell you if the relay is bad.

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