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Hello and thanks in advance for any help.
I have a Frigidaire Microwave/Oven combo. About 2 years ago, I had the common problem where if you opened the microwave door, the light would come on and the platter would start to move. So I replaced the lower door switch and it worked fine. After about 6 months, the switch went bad. So I thought maybe I used a cheap switch and bought an OEM version and replaced it. It lasted another 6 months and went bad as well. I checked the specs for the amp rating and voltage and everything is similar to the original switch. So recently I replaced it again and it lasted only one month. When I removed the switch, I could see that switch melted a little. So it appears that too much current is going through the switch?

Does anyone have any ideas why the switches keep going bad in such a short period of time and why it seems to melt the switch after a few months?
Thank you so much for any ideas. I hate to replace the microwave because its a oven combo so I would have to replace the oven as well.

Thank you!!