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Thread: Old GE Dryer

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    Old GE Dryer

    Model Number: DDG7200NMLWH
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    We have an old GE Dryer that came with our house. I replaced the igniter last year and it's been running well. This week I'm having issues with the burner staying lit. It's definitely an issue with the gas valve coils. Using my GE model number, I tracked down the parts. Two coils one with 2 prongs and one with 3. See photo. They were cheap enough at under $30. When I attempted to install, I realized that my coils have hardwired leads and there are three. One for one post and two on the second post. I've been searching and I came up with this kit:
    which appears to be correct but it's listed for a Maytag. Is it possible that my GE dryer gas valve was replaced with a Maytag unit? Is there a GE equivalent for these coils? Just looking for a source or part number for the correct parts.
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