Model Number: Wcsr2090d5ww
Brand: GE
Age: Less than 1 year

Aloha. My washing machine was not spinning clothes out all the way. I realized my belt was loose so I ordered and installed a new one. I attempted to wash a load and the Machine wouldn't agitate or spin. After several attempts, I was able to reset the motor and the washing machine started agitating again but still wouldn't spin. Several months ago, I replace the pressure switch and hose. So I know they're working because when the machine reaches the correct water level it starts to agitate. I know that the magnetic door switch is functioning, because when I lift the lid during agitation, the machine shuts off. I've checked all the drain hoses and everything is clear and the Machine drains fine. I've even remove the timer and cleaned all the contacts with contact cleaner. The machine still refuses to enter a spin mode and continues to just drain through the rest of the cycle. What am I missing here? There aren't many parts to troubleshoot, and I feel like I've hit everything. Anyone have any advice?