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Thread: Malfunctioning W10503278 control panel in Amana refrigerator

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    Malfunctioning W10503278 control panel in Amana refrigerator

    Model Number: AFF2534FEW3
    Brand: Amana
    Age: 6-10 years

    Regarding a malfunctioning W10503278 touch control panel in an Amana French Door, Bottom Freezer refrigerator, Model AFF2534FEW3:

    The refrigerator seems to operate and cool adequately, but the temperature indicators for both the freezer (stuck at 6) and refrigerator (stuck at 7) compartments are unresponsive, and cannot be changed up or down with the adjacent touch control pads.

    I have been unsuccessful in accessing either the "PROGRAM" or "SERVICE" modes for this JAZZ control panel, and it appears that the +/- touch control pad inputs are not being read by the main processor board.

    I would certainly appreciate receiving any user input as to how this panel can be "reset" to allow the touch pads to function normally once again.

    Thank you,
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    This is to follow-up on my Amana refrigerator/freezer which seems to be cooling normally, although I could not adjust either the freezer or refrigerator temperature settings with the touch control input pads as they were stuck at "6" and "7" respectively. After obtaining a used control board that responded normally, I re-programmed the "new" control panel to the proper code for my appliance, and am happy to report that my refrigerator/freezer now functions as it should, with full access available to the "PROGRAM" and "SERVICE" modes.

    So, what to do with the "old" board? Well, . . . . try to fix it, OF COURSE! After reading a plethora of online posts damning the JAZZ board, generally faulting either one or more circuit capacitors, and/or one or both of the board relays for the accompanying compressor and/or defrost heater issues, I was surprised to not find a single post from anyone else with the same symptoms I was seeing. It seemed to me that all was well with the "control" board, but the pushbutton switches on the connected "input" board were totally ineffective. What are the chances all four switches had failed simultaneously? Probably pretty unlikely. So after a bit of head scratching, and realizing that the ribbon cable connecting the two circuit boards could very well be the culprit, I decided to try re-soldering both ends of each ribbon wire -- what did I have to lose! Imagine my surprise and satisfaction when I re-installed my "stuck" control board and it responded normally -- a fully functioning space station!

    So I now have a fully functioning spare boxed on the shelf for use in keeping my refrigerator operating whenever the currently installed control board "takes a powder," as everyone seems to agree that it eventually will. After reading multiple recommendations, the one thing that I AM GOING TO DO is to install a surge protector for this unit, as well as for any other future appliances I acquire that are operated via digital control board(s).

    Here's hoping my experience helps out someone else should they encounter unresponsive control inputs.

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