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Thread: Fridge starting/stopping repeatedly

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    Fridge starting/stopping repeatedly

    Model Number: MFI2269VEM2
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hello everyone!

    I have a Maytag french door refrigerator (MFI2269VEM2) that keeps turning on and off repeatedly. When it's time to cool, a switch on the control board will click, the fridge will hum for 1 to 5 seconds, then it will click off. (When it clicks off, the whole fridge turns off - the lights and controls up front all go dark for a quarter second.) It will do this for about 5 minutes before moving to the next step where it will click on, hum a moment, then the condenser fan will run for up to 20 seconds before clicking completely off again. It will do this step for ten minutes or so. Then, it will go through those two steps and the compressor will come on for up to ten seconds. This part will repeat for about 5 minutes.

    After all of that, the compressor will either turn on and run its whole cycle or it will give up for about 30 minutes before starting all over again. In between the fridge's attempts, the lights, dispenser and controls are all working just fine.

    I used to do appliance repair, but it's been a few years. My thought is that the control board is going out. What do you all think?

    Thank you!!!

    Update: My fridge was doing this for a few weeks straight then 10 minutes after I make this post, the fridge is no longer working. The lights inside come on, but the fridge will not run and the controls up front are all off.
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