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Thread: Cant read digital clock or timer

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    Cant read digital clock or timer

    Model Number: FTQ352IWUX 03
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    am getting ready to purchase this part from you for my Samsung stove but I had a quick question. Everything is working properly on my stove except for the digital readout of the clock and timer. My current touchpad membrane works fine....all the buttons work the oven works great I just can't read the clock. Is this the part I need to fix that?

    I can read the temp right above it...just not the clock. Is the touchpad membrane switch what I need to fix this?

    I found the part but its $100 so I want to make sure.

    Thank you

    Samsung model # FTQ352IWUX 03
    Part # DG34-00007A

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    I do not think this is what you need unless you cannot see the numbers because the plastic is discolored.

    Looks to me that this is just the keypad and the digital readout shines through clear areas on it.
    You would need the control board which has the digital display on it.

    I think it is a DG97-00114K but cannot find a picture of it to confirm this.

    Note: There are companies out there that repair appliance timer/clocks/control boards.
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    You are correct on the part I need. After a lot more research....I need part # DG97-00114K. And I cant find it anywhere. I'm probably better off buying a new range

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