Model Number: GE50M6A
Brand: GE
Age: 16

I just moved into a house with two 2003 GE GE50M6A water heaters. I tested them with a multimeter and the first one (with the cold water intake) had a bad thermostat. So, just to be safe (and because they are beyond their service life), I changed the upper and lower thermostats and both elements on both of the water heaters.

I checked the voltage and continuity of everything again, and everything checked out ok - power, thermostat, limit switch, elements. I set all the thermostats to 125 last night. We have hot water at the faucets, however, when I open the bottom drain valve of the first water heater the water that comes out is ice cold. The water coming out of the second water heater bottom drain valve is nice and hot. Any ideas what might be wrong?

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