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Thread: Dishwasher running with door open.

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    Post Dishwasher running with door open.

    Model Number:
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    My Frigidaire dishwasher is continuing to run whether the door is opened or closed.

    Error code:i30

    It should be noted that our double sink started backing up and so believed to be a clog. I have since gotten rid of the clog but still have dishwasher issues.

    Iím trying to make sure Iím on the right track. Would one assume that the water pump may have been triggered due to the anti-flood feature? Whatís my next step? Iíve tried to reset and a master reset and neither has worked.

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    A model number would be useful.

    The overflow sensor should have no effect on the door switches.

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