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Thread: Frigidaire Freezer quit working

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    Frigidaire Freezer quit working

    Model Number: LFFH17F7HWH
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 6-10 years

    Freezer worked fine till recently when I heard the hi temp alarm at 29 degrees. Thought maybe someone left the door ajar, so I unplugged it for several hours and plugged it back in and let it run for several hours and it went to 31 degrees. Emptied it out as it was midnight. Next day investigated. Compressor runs, inside light works, fan inside working. Took off evaporator coil cover and they are warm. No frost, nothing. There we’re no codes on display. Just hi-temp. Made sure settings were right etc. Could it be the circuit board? PN 297235200? I removed it and a new circuit board only is available. You have to remove the circuit board from the touch pad cover, which I have done. Thanks.

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    Below is a link to info on this unit

    Double check that the compressor is running. You can usually hear it but also should be able to feelit vibrating.

    If it is running and you are not getting any cooling then it is a sealed system problem.

    It will be an expensive repair as you need a pro often it makes more sense to replace the unit.

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    Yes, the compressor is running. It doesn’t sound like it’s under a load, the sound it makes when you hear it kick on. It is more of a hum. I imagine that would be because of low Freon. Kinda sucks that the quality isn’t there. Any suggestions on next brand upright to buy?

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    Sorry but I do not recommend products.

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