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Thread: GE Profile Ice Maker Not Working - Model IMC701 (DA97-05422) - Freezer Fan Problem?

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    GE Profile Ice Maker Not Working - Model IMC701 (DA97-05422A) - Freezer Fan Problem?

    Model Number: PFSS6PKWBSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    I have an ice maker that is no longer working in a GE Profile French doors refrigerator top and freezer drawer bottom. Ice cube maker is in one of the refrigerator doors. I have read a number of posts related to replacing the actual ice maker (in my case DA97-05422A with date code 12-07-2007) to fix issues when ice cubes are no longer being made. However, I am wondering if I have something else going on besides the ice maker not working. When I noticed the ice maker was no longer making ice, there was water at the bottom of the ice maker and the ice cubes in the container were melting. Not knowing anything about ice makers, I assume the ice maker part is what failed and the reason for the cubes melting as it was no longer keep cold. The more I read about how ice makers works, the ice maker itself is not providing the cooling mechanism, but rather the cold air from the freezer must be blown into the ice making "box" to cool the ice maker down before water will be dispensed. In this particular french door refrigerator, the ice maker box is inside one of the refrigerator doors not inside a freezer door, so I assume the cold freezer air must be pumped into this ice maker box from the lower freezer drawer. The cold air must be directed from the freezer to actually freeze down the system before water will be dispensed to make ice cubes. In my case, the temperate in the ice make box is not at freezer temperature (and likely why water is no longer dispensed and why the last successfully made cubes must have started to melt as the ice maker box is essentially then at the refrigerator temperature. The refrigerator and freezer compartments are both operating at their normal operating temperatures (38F and 0F respectively). If my understanding is correct, then I think there must be a different problem with why my ice maker area is not cooling down. I don't know how air is blown into the ice maker box, but is is possible there is a bad fan in the system that is not blowing cold (freezer) air into my ice maker box that is the real cause of my problem assuming my understanding above all is correct?
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