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Thread: GE Refrigerator/Freezer - trouble shooting evaporator coil fans, compressor or ?

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    GE Refrigerator/Freezer - trouble shooting evaporator coil fans, compressor or ?

    Model Number:
    Brand: Brand
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Model Number: PFSS6PKWBSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    GE Profile French Door refrigerator with bottom freezer and ice maker built into the refrigerator door stopped making ice a few days ago. The existing ice cubes in the tray were starting to melt. I looked on this forum and originally thought that maybe the ice maker went bad, but considering it does not appear I have cold air blowing into the ice maker, I don't think now the ice maker is the problem. I pulled out the drawer on the freezer and remove the back panel where the compressor coils and the two fans are. One fan is for the freezer compartment and the other is for the ice maker box. I first used a hair dryer to blow air up into the ice maker box and could feel the air flow so the air pathway is not blocked. Next considered the fan as being bad so I removed the fan and tried to connect a 12V battery directly to the black and red wires to confirm if the fan would run, but it did not (tried other wire combinations of black, red and white with same result). To confirm my test method, I removed the 2nd evaporator fan that blows air into the freezer compartment assuming that if I can make that one run with the 12V battery my test method was good but I could not get that one to run either. So, either both fans are bad, or I have a different problem. The freezer still maintains freezing temperature, it has only been the ice maker box not getting cold air. The evaporator coils are covered in ice (see image) - from what I have read online they should not be covered in ice. Are they covered in ice because the fans are not working or something else? I also tried to tape the freezer drawer switch closed (light turns off) to get the fans to run when connected and neither of them run at all.

    1) Is my test method of the fans valid where direct connecting a 12V battery should make them turn on to trouble shoot the fans?
    2) Does the ice covering the evaporator coils indicate any additional possible issues. i.e. if the fans are bad, does that mean ice can than build up or does ice build up indicate a different issue.
    3) Looks like my evaporator coils has the black line running at the bottom which I understood to help defrost the coils periodically by heating them up. Coils do not seem to be self defrosting after a day of me having the panel removed.
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