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Thread: Samsung dryer has no heat: faulty heating element and melted wiring harness

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    Samsung dryer has no heat: faulty heating element and melted wiring harness

    Model Number: DV448AEPXAC
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years


    So I scrolled through the threads with Samsung dryers and got confused. Is it because Samsung sells more dryers than other brands or something is very wrong with Samsung ones?

    2 months ago my dryer stopped generating heat after 4 years of work. Nothing has changed. No visible lint issue. It was working just no heat. I googled what to look for and checked the heating element. It looked black so I replaced it with a part from Amazon. It worked a month and dropped the ball. I did the whole replacement thing again in addition to thermostat and sent faulty part to Amazon. Yesterday it stopped working again. I disassembled it and this time saw wiring harness leading to thermostatmelted. Thats why it stopped working. I wonder should I replace just the harness or something else like thermostat, heat ing element, etc in order to prevent wires meltdiwn?

    Pictures are attached

    Also how do I find the part number for this harness? Is there a technical manual online with part numbers?

    Thank you
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