Model Number: SuperCapacity465
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: More than 10 years


We have an older electric-coil range. It's worked well for the 10+years we've lived here, aside from needing a new oven element about 2 years ago.

We've used the stove and pans in the same manner all along, but for some reason we're experiencing a new issue (which my husband and I both noticed separately). The enamel area at the front of the stove/beside/surrounding the burners is suddenly becoming extremely hot during use of the stove (oven not on, but the rear vent burner is unblocked regardless). It's always gotten warm, of course, but it's now hot enough to be extremely unpleasant to bump into, and it may be capable of causing a minor skin burn.

I've read about manufacturers of *new* ranges suggesting a switch to silver burner pans. While we did replace our burner pans a year or two ago, it has always had black pans (original and replacement) and we used both sets for a long time without this issue. This new issue seems to be the worst on the front left burner (a large coil, and the one with the heaviest use.)

I'm of course most concerned about safety/possible related electrical or other defects. Secondarily, I'm not wild about this much heat right next to my countertop/cabinet. Anyone know why this would happen rather *suddenly* in an older range? I don't think it's a manufacturing defect due to all the years without issue---rather, something has changed/is broken.

(We're aware that with age comes issues and replacement might be the best option. However, the new coil ranges feel SO cheaply made and an induction cooktop isn't compatible with our cast-iron pan use. Thus, looking for advice as to whether we can repair our range, or if this is an incurable enough issue that we just need to ditch the whole thing and submit to buying a new one...."they just don't make 'em like they use to.")

Thanks so much for your time and consideration...