Model Number: 79096413400
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years

Hi. I have a Kenmore range model 79096413400 and the right double element burner and the right back burner are not working. The back right does not work at all and the front outer element does not work, but the inner element does. I have looked on a number of sites and watched several troubleshooting videos.

When I turn the front double element dial (316238201) to dual, just the inner ring lights. When I turn it to single just the inner ring lights, looks like it glows around the very outer edge of the outer ring. It lights for less than 1 minute, clicks and goes out.

I checked the dual burner switch and all checks were good except when set to dual, P2 to 4a is OL. So the switch is bad. The element is good. Testing from the switch wires. 2 to 4a = 42 ohms and 2 to 4 = 4 41.5 ohms. At the element the outer element measures 41.6 ohms and the inner is 42.4 ohms.

The back single burner switch tests out good as does the element. I swapped the dial from the left rear and right rear and the left rear still works and the right rear still does not work. Wasn't exactly sure how to test the element from the wires at the dial, H1 to H2 showed 45.2 ohms, and testing at directly at the element was 40 ish ohms, didn't record the exact reading. I see the this dial shares wires from the front right dial, P2 to L1 and 4 to 2P.

Does the fact that the front right dial is bad cause issues for the back right or are the other issues I need to look at? it's like it is not getting power. L1 comes from the terminal block and P comes from the cooktop lockout board. But was not sure how to test this. I did check the thermal limiter on the burners. 1a to 2a and 1b to 2b are both OL when it is cool, which tests OK.

Thanks in advance for any help.