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Thread: Front load Samsung not draining - tried all I know

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    Front load Samsung not draining - tried all I know

    Model Number: WF448AAP/XAA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    I have a front load Samsung washer that no longer drains. I fact the pump does not even attempt to kick on at any point. I have tried two new pumps in the washer as well as a refurbished control board. I do not think the control board is bad as the machine exhibits the same behavior with both boards. A meter shows no voltage when testing the violet and grey wire at the pump so power is never being sent. When I test resistence at cn3 pin 2 and cn2 pin 3 (believe thatís it) I get the expected 13.9 ohms of resistance so it would appear the wires are not damaged. So at this point I am at a loss. Is there a tub sensor that could
    Be bad that will not allow the controller to turn power on to the pump?

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    SCROLL UP TO "Samsung VRT Steam Front Loading Washer No Drain Problem"

    Folks have had this issue I posted some additional instructions and photos to help folks with this same problem.

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