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Age: Less than 1 year

I have recently replaced the compressor and circuit board on Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model 795.72063112 because
it was not working at all (both fridge and freezer were warm - the compressor was running and making a rasping noise before stopping) .
Now the freezer is freezing, but the fridge is room temperature.
The fridge evaporator coil feels not cold to the touch, but the beginning of the coil where a tiny capillary tube connects to it is covered by frost sometimes.
The freezer coils are not covered by ice and freezer has been working for at least a week now.
I tested the defrost sensors attached to refrigerator evaporator and one shows infinite resistance, another close to zero resistance (is it a fuse?) at ~ 62F temperature.
If I unplug the defrost sensors it does not make the fridge cold. The fridge evaporator fan works and the defroster heating element has ~40 Ohm resistance.
What could be the problem and what else should I test? There is some kind of valve(?) in the back close to compressor with some copper tubes going to it. Does it distribute freon to two evaporators and how to test it?