Model Number: PGSS5RKZC SS
Brand: GE
Age: 1-5 years

The ice maker is not making ice. The frig and freezer seem to be working fine and the temps seem fine.

The ice maker has water in it but it is not freezing or is freezing partially and not dropping out. The ice compartment does seem to be warmer than the freezer. There is two vent holes inside the left side of the fridge. The bottom is lightly blowing out cold air which feeds into the ice compartment. The top has nothing coming out, but it may be a return, not sure.

I ran the diagnostic and its produced partial ice but then stopped after one tray.

I thought it had bad air flow and partially emptied the stuff in freezer but no difference. When i open the freezer, I hear a fan running but not sure if its the same fan that feeds the ice maker?

Please Help!