Model Number: GR-D907SL
Brand: LG
Age: 1-5 years

I have been having many problems with my LG fridge.

In the beginning, the freezer and Ice maker started defrosting and the fridge went hot very quickly. The repairmen replaced the condenser and fixed a "leak" of gas and re-gassed.
three months later, I noticed the ice machine not working again. . I called repairman next day nut they could not come for a week.
When they finally came, the back of the fridge was extremely hot and he ended up diagnosing a compressor failure.

A month later, they replaced the compressor. The day after the compressor was replaced, the freezer was working fine, but the refrigerator was at 13 degrees. Two days after new compressor, it was sitting at 8 degrees Celsius. It never dropped lower than this even though I had the temperature set to be 1 degree Celsius. The ice maker and freezer have been working perfectly.

I recalled the repairmen, whom came out and put a new fan in. It was working beforehand, and did not help the fridge temperature. They have told me that the "pressure" is too low and that's all they have told me. I do not know what that meant.

When I have the air-conditioner on or the day is rainy and cool, the temperature drops to the correct temp in the fridge. It rises again when the house is hot or muggy. It has been 6 weeks since the compressor was replaced and I the freezer and ice have worked fine and has not changed.

What could my problem be and what would you suggest to do. My repair centre has refused to do anything else and states they think the new compressor is faulty as well. I don't think it would be as the freezer is at the rug temperature of negative 21 degrees Celsius and has not changed. In total so far, it has cost me $1600 to "repair" but is still not working.

Thank you