Model Number: LTCS24223D/00
Brand: LG
Age: Less than 1 year

Trying to figure out a LG fridge. LTCS24223D/00. Freezer works, evaporator fan comes on for a few seconds then quits making fridge not cool, evaporator has ice over it. Test mode compressor, both fans and defrost element works. It appears someone worked on this before, it seems they tried a voltage reading from the purple and white wire going to main board marked f fan. So from the test I know the compressor, condenser fan, evaporator fan and defrost element work. For reasons I haven't figured out is why in normal mode the evaparator fan stops after a few seconds causing the cool air not to make it to the fridge part. My eye site it so bad I can't even began to read the electrical diagram. Any help would be appreciated. And why someone tried to take a electrical reading from the wires instead on doing the board test I don't understand. Thanks