Model Number: Rf26j7500sr
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years


I have had it around 4-5 years and a year ago issues arose.
Ice maker would cause ice build up inside its casing. I thawed it for 24 hours and it worked for less than a month. Then ice built up inside the fridge. So I thawed it out and made sure the drainage was clear. Issues for both continued. Then the freezer stopped freezing. It would stay cool, but wouldn't freeze. I recently turned the ice maker back on to see what would happen, water started pooling on the floor. So I turned it off.
Error codes 2c,5c,21c,22c,39c,and 40c came up when I unplugged or turned off the breaker.

So, what should I disconnect and inspect for these issues. Even if I did disconnect and inspect, I don't have the knowledge to know if it's good or not.
As far as I can tell the fans are working. Condenser coils are dusty but not so dirty that it should cause issues. As far as I can tell the doors seal.
I wouldn't know if a sensor, control board, thermostat, drains, or anything else is bad because I don't know how to test them.
I don't want to start pulling on lines because I don't know where they go or connect to.

Any info?