Model Number: WTW5840BW0
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 6-10 years

Hello, I replaced the Gear Case (Part # PD00038210 Mfg # W11035747) recently purchased from Parts Dr. in my daughter's Cabrio washer for the second time now; seems the design only lasts about 3-years before the bearings give out. No issues whatsoever first time I replaced the Gear Case in 2017, but after an easy (I thought) R&R this time, the washer will not calibrate. After starting the calibration process, the washer door locks, the agitator works back and forth for a bit, then I get a growling sound when I believe the tub should be spinning, and the door never unlocks. I really don't remember what exactly took place during calibration last time. The gear case only goes in one way. I've disassemble and assembled the Splutch assembly a couple of times, and everything seems to be correctly installed including proper engagement with the shift actuator. Other than sounding let a jet engine before replacing the gear case, the washer was working just fine. Please advise...