Model Number: MER6775BAS
Brand: Maytag
Age: More than 10 years

I replaced the dual action switch, pn WP74003122, for the front left dual burner because it would not regulate temperature. It would stay on high all the time. Now, when I received the new switch I had to file the P2 terminal down because the original switch has a smaller connector. With the new switch installed, I now have a problem with the burner staying on as soon as I add power to the stove, even with the switch turned off. I then replaced the control panel and I am back to the burner is on High all the time when I switch it on. I then decided to swap this new switch with the right side dual switch and it regulated temperature just fine. Do I need another switch or is the wiring different than the original switch ;L1-L2? By the way, I no longer have the original switch and the two connectors matched all the terminals on the switch except for the size of the P2 connector.