Model Number: GFWR2700H0WW
Brand: GE
Age: 1-5 years

Hello -
I have a GE GFWR2700H0WW Front Load washer that I've had for about 5 years. I have always noticed some vibration to the machine, and have always adjusted the feet, but it has gotten worse lately. No matter how much I adjust the feet, that doesn't change anything anymore, I've replaced the Balance ring myself as all of the fluid leaked out, possibly from rubbing due to the vibration. I was hoping this was actually the vibration issue but I think what im realizing is that something else is causing the vibration and that the balance ring going bad was just an after effect of that.

What is a common part that will make these things shake like crazy, particularly when it SLOWS DOWN from a spin cycle. The whole machine starts to do a little dance when coming down from any speed spin whether is is set to low or high. I noticed some springs and shocks when I replaced the balance ring. None looked to have anything wrong, but im unsure of how much tension these should "feel" like they have. I'd definitely describe this more as a left and right wobble, than an up and down movement but things get really crazy when the thing slows down.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.