Model Number: GE J BP90G W1BB
Brand: GE
Age: More than 10 years

My oven started acting up last night and started turning off after 5-10min no errors no beeping nothing just turned off. you could turn it back on and it would work but turn off again. then in the middle of the night when oven was cool and had been off for hours, the oven started beeping and showed a F9 error code.

today i took the top off and tested the latch and everything seemed to move fine. i also checked the continuity of the wires and when in both locked and unlocked position there was continuity all the way to the control board.

i cleaned the terminals on the lock switch and plugged oven back in and tried doing a cleaning of the oven. after 5 min the oven started beeping and i couldn't clear the code without unplugging the oven.

the latch seems to be working fine and locking when hot and unlocking when cooled so i'm not sure what the error could mean. i don't want to buy a new latch assembly if it something else. and i'm not sure if control panels for my oven are available anymore.

thanks for the help.

my oven is a GE J BP90G W1BB